Revolutionizing Application Performance and Observability

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Germany, Intergral GmbH stands at the forefront of application intelligence, driven by a mission to simplify and accelerate the troubleshooting process for developers and DevOps. With regional offices in the UK and USA, we have established a global presence, underpinning our commitment to providing innovative solutions worldwide.

Our flagship products, FusionReactor APM and FusionReactor Cloud, embody our dedication to enhancing the efficiency and productivity of the development community. These tools are meticulously crafted to reduce the time spent on identifying issues, allowing developers to focus on what they do best: building exceptional software.

At the core of our innovation is OpsPilot, an advanced feature within FusionReactor Cloud, which showcases our groundbreaking approach to integrating Artificial Intelligence with observability. OpsPilot leverages cutting-edge AI and machine learning capabilities to offer enhanced insights, predictive analytics, and natural language processing, transforming the way businesses approach monitoring, logging, and tracing. This AI-driven analytics aid in real-time problem-solving, ensuring minimal disruption to existing processes and elevating the observability capabilities of organizations.

At the heart of Intergral lies an extraordinary team of professionals. Their passion and expertise are the backbone of our success, enabling us to deliver unparalleled solutions that empower thousands of developers and DevOps teams. Through their efforts, we provide the insights and transparency necessary for our clients to excel in the competitive tech landscape.

As an Adobe Solution Partner and Authorized Reseller of Adobe products in North America and Europe, Intergral GmbH continues to build on its legacy of trust and excellence. Our solutions not only enhance application performance but also streamline the development process, making us a preferred partner for innovative teams worldwide.

German Tax ID: DE 197 537 936
Company Registration: Stuttgart HRB4591

 Key facts

  • 1998 : Company Founded in Germany – Privately owned
  • Co-founders : David Tattersall (CEO) & Darren Pywell (CTO)
  • Focus : Software developer focused observability and monitoring solutions 
  • 2005 : FusionReactor APM launched
  • 2005 : Adobe Solution Partner and global reseller
  • 2019 : Production Software Debugging Patent 
  • 2020 : NerdVision Production Debugger
  • 2022 : FusionReactor Cloud Observability Platform
  • 2023 : OpsPilot AI – Worlds first GenAI based observability solution
  • Over 5,000 customers worldwide 
  • Over 35,000 server installations