Management Team

David Tattersall – CEO

David Tattersall has been at the helm of Intergral since its inception in 1998, guiding it from a technology focused startup to a global leader in Application Performance Monitoring (APM). Under his leadership, Intergral has grown to embody innovation and excellence in the APM and observability sectors, providing cutting-edge solutions that address real-world challenges faced by developers and IT professionals.

A passionate advocate for the transformative power of monitoring, observability, and AI, David has dedicated his career to equipping customers with the tools they need to ensure their applications perform seamlessly. His commitment to solving customer problems and enhancing their operational efficiency has been the driving force behind Intergral’s enduring success and reputation as a trusted partner in the tech industry.

Darren Pywell – CTO

Darren Pywell, as the CTO and Co-Founder of Intergral, has been an integral part of the company since its foundation in 1998. He spearheads product development and sets the technological direction, ensuring that Intergral remains at the cutting edge of Application Performance Management and observability solutions.

With a profound passion for technology, observability, AI, and machine learning, Darren is the creative force behind Intergral’s innovative solutions. He is dedicated to leveraging the latest technological advancements to build solutions that address real-world challenges faced by developers and businesses alike. Darren’s commitment to excellence and innovation has been instrumental in empowering customers worldwide, helping them to solve complex problems and improve their operational efficiency.