Empowering the future of application monitoring, optimization and root cause analysis

Monitor and improve your Java applications

FusionReactor APM is a real-time Java and ColdFusion application performance monitoring, providing developers, DevOps, and support teams with unprecedented insight into their production environments. This tool excels in identifying performance bottlenecks and poorly performing database queries, enabling rapid diagnosis and resolution. FusionReactor is not just a monitoring tool; it’s an essential instrument for improving application reliability and efficiency, offering low-overhead, production-safe profiling, and debugging capabilities.

Transforming observability with AI integration

OpsPilot revolutionizes observability by integrating advanced AI and machine learning, providing predictive analytics and real-time problem-solving. This feature enriches FusionReactor Cloud with an intuitive AI assistant, streamlining data analysis and operational processes. With OpsPilot, users gain critical insights faster, ensuring systems perform efficiently while reducing complexity and operational costs. Watch video.

Unlock Full-Scale Observability : Master your application's performance and insights with our comprehensive monitoring solutions – where every detail matters

Our software is used by over 5,000 companies, running on over 35,000 servers worldwide

Created by talented individuals

The company is powered by a team of dedicated people who work from Germany and the United Kingdom. Our objective is to make software that is easy to install, simple to use and always delivers on the user’s requirements. Our teams consistently achieve best in class for APM’s on G2.com, the technical review site.