Spend less time looking for problems and more time building amazing software

Behind Intergral, is an amazing team of dedicated people who build incredible solutions that help thousands of developers and DevOps to gain better insight and transparency into their applications. Our solutions are designed to simplify and speed up the task of finding issues

FusionReactor allows you to quickly find bottlenecks in your code and in your database; making your Java or ColdFusion application run faster and more efficiently. The patented production safe debugger helps you to quickly find bugs & alleviate technical debt allowing you more time to write better code.

FusionReactor comes with Hybrid Cloud license, giving you the advantage both On-Prem and Cloud. FusionReactor has a 14 day free trial. can give you deeper insight into your application, allowing you to inspect the running application in production without affecting the user experience.

Works with Python, Java, Node.js and ColdFusion and has many integrations including Git and Datadog. is Freemium SaaS Freemium product.