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Debug and collect data quickly and safely in any environment from development to production without redeploying your code. nerd.vision gives you the insight required to build faster, more reliable and more resilient applications.



The FusionReactor Application Performance Monitor (APM) is recommended by Adobe for monitoring ColdFusion® and is used on Java application servers such as Tomcat, JBoss, Glassfish and Jetty.



Ultimate ColdFusion® Application and server analysis tool. Get in depth analysis of your app performance and find out how your applications are performing on a continuous day to day basis.



Interactive step debugger for ColdFusion® and Railo. Aims to lower your development costs, improve CFML code quality and allow devs to focus on building great software.


ColdFusion® Consulting

We provide a quick resolution to a wide range of ColdFusion® Server & Application related issues. We often use the results and reporting information from FusionReactor Server Monitoring to assist us.


Training Webinars

We offer one-on-one trainings for all of our Fusion products – please contact us for more information.

[/column] [column width=”eight” position=”last” ] [heading]About Us[/heading] Intergral is a leading application intelligence company. Our flagship product, FusionReactor, provides real-time visibility and alerting of application performance issues. Thousands of customers trust FusionReactor to monitor their applications, enabling them to identify and respond faster to performance and stability problems. FusionReactor’s aim is to ensure applications run at peak operational and business performance.

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